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Pre-Season Predictions

By: Kyle Sullivan

I love making predictions for almost everything. Especially ones for pre-season and see what you can get correct. It can also be a game you can play to see what you can get correct or challenge a friend to get them all right.


My AL MVP might be a little lame and boring but I am going with Mike Trout. I feel like every year he goes into the season and think, wow he is gonna have another great year. 

My AL MVP hot take would probably be Aaron Judge. This may not be such a hot take but has great power and if he can stay healthy he is a GREAT bat for the Yankees.

My NL MVP is going to be Juan Soto. I think Soto is an elite hitter already at such a young age and can also improve a lot on defense. He is an all around great player and if he can hit the same way he did in 2020 and 2019 he will be one of the leagues best pure hitters.

My NL MVP hot take would probably be Jacob deGrom. He is just a great pitcher. I know pitchers don't often win MVP's because they only pitch one in every five days but if any pitcher were to, it would be deGrom.


My AL ROY is tough. I know Adell is going to start the season in the minor leagues and I was stuck between Mize and Mountcaslte. I looked at the Plus's and minus's to both players and I ended up picking Mountcastle. Mountcastle barely strikes out and also hits the ball for extreme contact numbers. I think for this next season, if the Orioles want to try and be a 4th place team then they NEED Mountcastle in their lineup

My NL ROY was easy to me unlike the AL. I think Ke'Bryan Hayes. He is definitely the X-Factor for the Pirates. He is a great defender and has a really good bat that can hit for both contact and power. He is an all around great player and I think he will be the Rookie of the Year

My AL Pennant Winning Team was tough but I picked the Chicago White Sox. They have great young talent and a new manager. Some people might say they are the best team in the AL. They are stacked with talent and I think they will have a great year.  

My NL Pennant Winning Team is the San Diego Padres. I do think that the Dodgers are a better team, but the Padres are a young and exciting team and have a lot of energy. I think that there will be lots of twists and turns throughout the season for the Padres and the Dodgers, but I see the Padres just edging out the Dodgers in the NLCS. Probably would be 6-7 game series if I were to guess. 

My World Series winning team is going to be the................................... Chicago White Sox!!! I think this could be a hot take but the White Sox have the talent to pull it off this year. 

These are my predictions for the 2021 season prior to the start o the season. I would love to see what you guys think down below. 👇