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Sticky Stuff

By: Kyle Sullivan

Most baseball fans know this but there is a rule that inforces that all pitchers are not aloud to use forign substances. Although many pitchers did not listen and still used the substances, MLB finally made sure to check every pitcher for the sticky stuff. Pitchers spin rates have decreased and for some pitchers it is easy to tell who cheated. 

The effect on the game was big because in 2021, so far only half way through the season the MLB tied a record of most no-hitters in a single season with seven. Not all of these no-hitters have been from elite pitchers such as Jacob deGrom or Clayton Kershaw. Pitchers such as Wade Miley and Spencer Turnbull have both throw a no-hitter. 

After the rule was inforced many pitchers have not been doing as well. Depending on what you thing Gerrit Cole and Tyler Glasnow could be examples. Gerrit Cole was on a horrific cold streak. Tyler Glasnow has been great but he was blaming his injury on not being able to use the substances. He had to change the way he pitched because of this rule. 

If any pitchers get caught using the forign substances, then they are suspended for 10 games with pay. Also their team can not fill the roster spot that they lost. A few minor leaguers have been suspended and one major leaguer, Hector Santiago. Phil Cuzzi was checking Santiagos glove afer the inning ended and found something suspicious and ejected Santiago. 6