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Becoming a Fanatic

By: Kyle Sullivan

Have you ever wanted to be a very knowledgeable fan of something that you love? I love the game of baseball and after a few years of this passion, I have a deep knowledge of most things baseball. If you want to be one, too, learn about my five ways to become a baseball fanatic and dive into these areas for your own fun.

1. Watch MLB Network

MLB Network has great shows and sports anchors. They really can capture you and make you want to watch for more. They also break down everything that is happening and help you to understand what is going on. I really like Hot Stove, MLB Tonight, MLB Now and during the regular season, Quick Pitch. They also do most things you can think of, baseball related. They also go to Spring Training too. I once saw Ken Rosenthal breaking down Yankees spring training in Tampa Bay Florida, before a ST (spring training) game. You should also check out your local regional sports network. My favorite one is YES Network. 

2. Play MLB the Show

This may sound crazy but it is actually a really good way to learn the game. When you play Playstation's MLB The Show in the Franchise mode, it can help you learn who will be the next stars in the league. Through playing the game you will learn all players names, numbers, positions and teams. It really is a useful tool that has helped me more than I could ever believe.

3. Watch/Go to games

It may be boring at times for those new to long baseball games, but going to games can help you learn a lot about baseball. It could teach you about that team's history because many fields have plaques, monuments and history museums.  Watching players in action is a great way to learn more about the specific rules of the game. You can learn what pitchers do when they hold runners on, pitch from the stretch, or work out of a jam. You can see how hitters like Anthony Rizzo or Joey Votto choke up on the bat in two strike counts or how players clutch up when runners are in scoring position. 

4. Check

Checking always helps teach a person a lot about baseball because you can find out all the latest news and stories breaking in the MLB. You could be the first to know about signings and transactions or rumors that are about to happen. You could even brag to your friends that you knew it first. This source is always putting up more and more information every hour.

5. Watching Youtube

Youtube has been a place that I enjoy watching and hearing baseball analysis from my favorite YouTubers. Some of them play video games like MLB The Show and share their commentary both on their video game and what's going on within the MLB. Others will share their thoughts on anything baseball related. YouTube is easy to watch and very conversational so easy to learn from. Keep in mind that YouTube has a lot of opinions so know these may not always be facts.

This is my list on the top ways to becoming a GREAT baseball fan. If you read this and do what my five reasons say you could be on your way to being a baseball fanatic in no-time. These ways have made me a bigger baseball fan than I ever thought and I hope these help you the same.