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Collecting Baseball Cards

By: Kyle Sullivan

Many people really enjoy collecting baseball cards, including myself. The satisfying feeling of ripping the pack open and looking through the cards you pulled is the best in the world. Some cards are super rare and others are common to get. It depends on what kind of card it is. It may be rare to pull an autographed Mike Trout compared to an autograph Wil Myers or a Ronald Acuna Jr rookie card compared to a Stephen Matz rookie card. 

Collecting and Trading baseball cards with friends or family is super fun, packaging a deal for a card you really want, or giving someone a card that you have multiple of that they don't.

Baseball Cards are so fun to open and to look at. If you flip the card on its back side you can see the players stats and see just how good they really are. There are many things you can do with baseball cards such as: Sort them, make super teams, fantasy drafts, ANYTHING!

Baseball cards are amazing and when you pull a great card, it is funny to see the other persons expression when they see it.