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Pete Rose a Hall of Famer?

By: Kyle Sullivan

Pete Rose was a great ball player. One of the best ever. He had many career great moments and he is one of the best this game has ever seen.

On September 11, 1985 Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb's hit record of 4,189. Rose ended his career with an outstanding 4,256 hits in the MLB.

Rose played for three teams. The Reds, Phillies, and Expos. He is most known for beig apart of the Reds, Big Red Machine teams that where unstoppable.

Rose is one of the greatest players of all time, so why isn't he in the Hall of Fame? Pete Rose is not in the Hall of Fame because he bet on his team to win. If you didn't know, the 1919 Chicago White Sox fixed the World Series and lost on purpose so they could make money. They were banned from MLB baseball for life and none are the Hall of Fame. Same with Rose although he bet for his team to win.

Pete Rose was so good and he ruined a no doubt Hall of Fame career because he bet on baseball. He will never be a Hall of Famer even though he had one of the best careers an MLB player has had. Pete Rose was one of the best of all time and his hit record will stand for a long, long time.