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This Day in Baseball History: Pettitte and Posada

By: Kyle Sullivan

This day in baseball history in 1990 both Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada got drafted. Thats not the crazy part though. Pettitte got drafted in the 22 round by the Yankees and Posada got drafted in the 24 round! Both of these players where key contributor's to the Yankees success from 1996 to 2009. Although none of these two players are Hall of Famer's they both were key contributors. Every team had a chance to draft these players at least 21 times! Players such as Chipper Jones got taken before them and that is reasonable but what isn't is that players like Timothy Costo or Todd Van Poppel both got drafted in the first round and almost nobody knows who they are. Pettitte and Posada are both 100 X better then both of them. Both Posada and Pettitte were also apart of the core four along with Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter.


On opening day in 2000 Jorge Posada hit the first homerun in the new century. He also batted .273 with 275 homeruns, 1065 rbi's and 1664 hits lifetime in the Bronx.


Pettitte played most of his career with the Yankees and some more with the Astros. Pettitte's career with the Yankees he had 256/153 win loss, a 3.85 era, with 2448 strikeouts.


Both of these players had great careers especially for where they got drafted. They showed the other teams that they could because great major league ball players and that they should regret passing on them multiple times. The Yankees drafted right that year drafting Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada and they turned them into complete ballplayers.