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2020 MLB Postseason

By: Kyle Sullivan

In 2020 the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series. They beat the Rays in 6 games. In most peoples opinion it was the best team in the AL versus the best team in the NL. 16 teams made the playoffs during 2020.

American League via seeding:

1. Tampa Bay Rays

2. Oakland A's

3. Minnesota Twins

4. Cleveland Indians

5. New York Yankees

6. Houston Astros

7. Chicago White Sox

8. Toronto Blue Jays

National League via seeding:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

2. Atlanta Braves

3. Chicago Cubs

4. San Diego Padres

5. St. Louis Cardinals

6. Miami Marlins

7. Cinncinnati Reds

8. Milwaukee Brewers

The one seed in the AL and the NL ended up in the World Series.

During the Playoffs there were multiple great players for each team, who helped there team win games. The best player in the 2020 playoffs was by far Randy Arozarena. He had the most hits and home runs in a single postseason, beating guys like Barry Bonds and Derek Jeter. Arozarena could have been the reason the Rays made it as far as thy did. Corey Seager was great for the Dodgers too. He won the NLCS and the WS MVP. The Dodgers had may other great players because they made it all the way and won it too. Many great moments and players were Will Smith, Cody Bellinger, Cory Seager, Walker Buehler, Justin Turner, Clayton Kershaw and Blake Trreinen. The Dodgers had to have players preform because they won the World Series. The Rays also had some great players because they did make it to the World Series. Players like, Randy Arozarena, Blake Snell (Now on Padres), Charlie Morton, and Mike Brosseau were all very important to the Rays success. The Astros almost made history by becoming the second teem to ever come back from a 3-0 series deficit. They ended up losing in game 7 on the ALCS to the Rays.

The 2020 Postseason was a postseason that was crazy in a year that was crazy but in the end, most people can agree that in the World Series, the number 1 team in the AL and NL ended up in the World Series. And the Dodgers (baseball referance)were the best team in 2020 and they won the World Series.