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Baseball Video Games

By Kyle Sullivan

For many kids, video games are awesome and fun. There are some great baseball games out there like MLB the show, The Bigs, and many, many more! People play video games to have fun and pass time. What is better than passing time by playing America's greatest pastime virtually. Many baseball video games come out before each baseball season such as MLB the show and RBI baseball. The games are updated with the new players and offseason transactions when it comes out every year for more fun for the users.

There can also be new modes that the games put out. Some of my favorite modes are Become A Legend from the Bigs 2, and Diamond Dynasty from MLB the show. Become a Legend is where you play as a player that has to rehab from a career ending injury and try to make it back to the MLB. Over the course of your career you play many games and win some awards. You also occasionally get to play other teams and take a player from their team and put it on yours. Diamond Dynasty is where you collect a bunch of cards and any players you get you can put on your team. Something I really like about it is that your outfield could be Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, and Mike Trout who all will never ever play together. Video games are really fun and baseball is super fun. Imagine combining them both? That would have to mean extra awesome. Baseball video games are so super awesome.