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My Top 3 Future Managers

By: Kyle Sullivan

Do you know what players would make great managers? I do. All of these players have what it takes to be a good manager. To be a good manager you need to make smart decisions at a certain time while also leading the players. These in-game decisions are crucial such as telling what pitch to throw at what time or bringing in one pitcher instead of the other. The manager does all this and also keeps the spirit up in the clubhouse. Here are my top three future managers.

  1. Yadier Molina

For catchers it is easier to become a manager because during their playing career they call the games, so they would know when to do the right thing at the right time. Yadi is that. He has been an elite backstop for the past decade and also is great at calling games.

  1. Brett Gardner

Gardner isn’t a catcher like Molina but he stands up for his teammates and sometimes acts like he is the manager. Managers like Girardi are great managers because he stands up for his players and argues the umps HARD, just so the other team doesn’t get the call. Gardner is all of that and could be a great manager. He could also be an a-ok manager. But Gardner has what makes a successful manager. 

  1. Buster Posey

Like Molina, Posey is a catcher and has been an elite backstop over the last decade. He also is GREAT at calling games and although he doesn't have the attitude that would make a manager that yells a lot at a bad call, his team would win a lot more games because he is calling games. 

Those are the three current players that I think will do the best job managing in the future. Under pressure and no pressure these future managers can help their teams win more games.