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MLB's Arizona plan might not work

By Kyle Sullivan

There are some rumors that Major League Baseball could play in Arizona to get the games in for a season. I’m not a fan of this plan and here are my reasons why.

First, I think that it won’t work because some players might not want to play because they want to be with their families in the tough time the world is going through.

Teams may not have enough major league players to play games. Even though teams can call up minor league players, the games will be played with minor league talent in major league games, which is going to seem like minor league games counting towards major league records.

Also the players that do play won’t be “social distancing” from other players. The batter and catcher as well as second baseman and shortstop all need to be closer than six-feet. Also there would be no mound visits so if a pitcher is getting hit hard then the catcher can’t go out and talk to the pitcher.

Another reason is that some players have compromised immunities. Players such as Jon Lester, Carlos Carrasco, Anthony Rizzo all have had either cancer or other diseases and they can get really sick because of their immunity. Also players won’t be able to be in dugouts and bullpens together because they can’t be distanced.

Also teams would have double or triple headers every day and that will drain the players and the players won’t be playing at the best of their abilities. It is important that players don’t drain their energy because a really bad team could play a really good team and the bad team could get lucky because the other team is drained and won’t play good. Those games will count to their record and if players play every game drained then good teams will have bad records because players can’t play their best.

I miss major league baseball a lot and truly wish I was watching the 2020 season. However, I don’t think the answer to getting baseball back any time soon is the Arizona plan.