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How the Universal DH helps NL east teams

By: Kyle Sullivan

The universal DH (designated hitter) rule might come into effect this season. The season is shortened so the NL could try out the rule for a shorter amount of time than a regular season. These players are only if the NL uses the DH. Here is every NL team's best player for the designated hitter role.


Miami Marlins: Jesus Aguilar

Aguilar had a breakout season in 2018 helping the Brewers make it to the NLCS, but took a step back in 2019. The Marlins have a first baseman prospect Lewin Diaz who could take the first base role if the Marlins are willing to make Aguilar the DH.


New York Mets: Dominic Smith

Smith hasn't been an MLB average player throughout his career and with Pete Alonso manning the first base spot, the Mets tried Smith in the outfield, but it didn’t go so well. Dominic Smith could get a lot better without having to play the field and he would become an everyday player. 


Atlanta Braves: Adam Duvall

Duvall was the odd man out for the Braves ever since acquiring him from the Giants, but when they called him up in 2019, Duvall went off smacking Homer’s left and right. Duvall is a good defender but the Braves have a stacked Outfield with Acuna, Markakis, and Ozuna that Duvall doesn’t have a place in the outfield. Also with the loss of Donaldson to the Twins, Austin Riley looks like he will be playing third.  


Washington Nationals: Eric Thames

Thames is the obvious choice mostly because of his subpar defence and light tower power. Thames is the only player on this team that is a DH. His skills are built perfectly for DH. 


Philadelphia Phillies: Jay Bruce

Jay Bruce fits the DH perfectly. He isn’t the best defender in the world and he hits bombs. His spots on the field were taken by Bryce Harper, Andrew McCutchen, and Rhys Hoskins. Although Hoskins was on the team before Bruce, Hoskins has one of his secondary positions. This is the only way for the Phils to keep the bat of Jay Bruce in the lineup.