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Baseball Plays that are Foods

By: Kyle Sullivan

Many baseball plays are cool and usually get a cool nickname. There are some that are regular like a routine ball or a ball that is carrying. Then there are some that can be referred to as food. Here are the best baseball plays that are also food.


1. Oppo Taco

An oppo taco is when a hitter hits the ball the other way and it is a home run. For example, Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees was the first player to hit 10 or more home runs before pulling the ball for a homer. When a Left handed batter (lefty) hits an oppo taco, he hits the ball to left field. When a right handed batter (righty) hits an oppo taco, he hits the ball to right field.


2. Cheddar

Cheddar is when a pitcher throws a high fastball by the hitter and the hitter is late. This is easier for flamethrowers like Aroldis Chapman and Jordan Hicks who both easily hit 101 mph. Cheddar is hard to hit, mostly because it is thrown high and it moves fast. A hitter can’t blink or he will miss it.


3. Can of Corn

Can of corn can also be referred to as a routine fly ball. It is a ball hit right to you and is easy to catch. You usually have to move only about 3 ft to catch a ball if it is a can of corn.


4. Snowcone

A snow cone is when a fielder catches the ball and half of the ball is in his glove and the other half is sticking out so it looks like a snow cone.


5. Pickle

A pickle is a run down. The baserunner has to run back and forth from base to base and the fielders throw it to one another a lot trying to tag the runner out. The runner has to try and avoid the tag and make it back to the base or make it to the next base safely.


6. Tater

A tater is a no doubt home run. A ball that is crashed and there is no way to keep it in the field of play. A Tater is hit a long long way. (Tater = Tater Tot)


7. Cookies/Meatballs

Cookies or Meatballs are pitches that pitchers throw that end up right over the middle or in the hitters hot zone. They are the most hittable pitches in baseball. Almost every time the ball is crushed for a hit/home run/lineout. You don’t want to throw one of those to Juan Soto or he will crush it.