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Alec Mills No-Hitter

By: Kyle Sullivan

Even if you aren't a Cubs fan, this is a really exciting moment in the MLB. Alec Mills of the Chicago Cubs threw a no-hitter against the Brewers.

Alec Mills has had a bumpy road to the majors, but he made it and it all payed off for Mills yesterday, throwing a No-hitter! Mills wasn't even supposed to make his college team because he wasn't good enough, but he made it. That meant he never would have had a chance to get drafted. But he did. Then he worked his way to the majors and did what all pitchers dream about. Throwing a no-hitter.

He will never be the pitcher that blows you away with his fastball or will strike you out. He is more a pitch to contact pitcher. A weak contact pitcher. Mills is a soft throwing righty and has a slow curveball. He only got 5 strikeouts in his no-no but he enforced a lot of weak contact.

Mills wasn't supposed to even be a starting pitcher this year, but due to an injury to Jose Quintana, he got the job. The whole season, Mills has been super reliable for the Cubs but yesterday he was amazing! The cubs won that game 12-0 and got the run support he needed to get the win.

Because of Mills no-hitter, that got him the NL player of the week. Mills has been great this season and it is good that he got an award for having this stellar of a season. He most likely will not win Cy Young because Yu Darvish and Trevor Bauer have been having amazing seasons.

Alec Mills had an unbelievable day yesterday and it will no doubt, be a day he never forgets.